Corporate Training


More than just sweet treats, the Penn State Bakery offers unique Six Sigma team building training on site at the Penn State Bakery. Participants can expect to be fully engaged while learning and applying principles, tools, and techniques of DMAIC Six Sigma methodologies.

The Penn State Bakery provides an enticing environment that can help strengthen your team. The half day training can be built into a fun day on campus to help strengthen your business team. The training can also be coupled with breakfast or lunch at any venue on campus. We can even provide information for your dining experience or on campus transportation.


“Custom training in a fun and exciting atmosphere”

The Bakery environment is an exciting and delicious environment in which to bring your team together. Participants learn about the Penn State Bakery and decorating techniques while learning some important skills. Participants also get some delicious bakery treats for the road!

Come and join us for the morning or afternoon! To schedule your training session, contact us here! Rates are affordable and special pricing is available for Penn State Alumni Members.

The DMAIC training is hosted on campus and highlights the following points: 

  • Define project goals and customer requirements
  • Measure the process to determine current performance
  • Analyze and determine the root cause(s) of the defects
  • Improve the process by eliminating defect root causes
  • Control future process performance


Schedule early to ensure available times! Schedule in coordination with a BJC event or other University event to make it a great all-day staff experience!